Why I started How to Blog in English

Why I started How to Blog in English

I wrote my first blog posts way back in 2007 when I started my online English lessons business.

I’ve been blogging ever since – although not always as consistently as I know I should have!

My first blog posts were difficult to write. I was more used to academic writing than the much more informal style of blogging. But I kept going, kept writing, and I got better at it.

If I had been criticised or discouraged in those early days I might have given up blogging, and not carried on to having the teaching and writing career I have enjoyed since. Blogging enabled me to reach and engage new clients and students.

I was lucky, I had the support I needed to carry on and improve my blog post writing skills

The same year I started blogging, I took part in Sarah Arrow’s very first blogging challenge. She was leading by example before blogging became the huge thing it is today.

We were fortunate that Sarah’s challenge brought together a group of very supportive people, many of whom became and remain my good friends.

This is the kind of mutual support and friendship all bloggers should enjoy, and yet too often in the blogging community I see criticism of authors’ writing in their posts’ comments, with what I consider to be petty pointing out of language ‘errors’.

And quite frankly, it leaves me exasperated.

Writing doesn’t come easy for many of us

As a blogger for many years for my own business, I understand how difficult it can
be to write and publish posts in your native language, let alone in a language
that’s not your first language.

It takes time and practice to write well. Writers need the space to learn their craft without the fear their typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors are going to be minutely scrutinised, and publicly, and often unkindly, pointed out.

If you’re writing in English as a non-native English speaker you deserve recognition that being able to speak and write in two or more languages is an amazing skill.

What you don’t need is a focus on your minor second language errors at the expense of the knowledge and expertise you want to share.  

Of course, your writing needs to be readable or it doesn’t achieve what you need it to.

However, I have rarely seen a blog post written in English by a non-native English speaker that was totally illegible, where the message was totally lost. I have seen many though where language difficulties were distracting but could be easily fixed.

Blogging is a very public medium

Your blog posts must be seen and shared widely if you are to reach your blogging and business goals, but sharing widely isn’t easy if you’re worried about how well, or not, your readers are going to react to your writing.

It’s my mission with this site to make blogging in English easier for you so you can reach your blogging goals.

Blogging is a writing genre. As such, it has accepted ways of doing things, and because of this we can focus on the precise writing skills you need for writing better blog posts in English.

We all need to keep practising our writing skills

I’ll always be improving my
writing – there’s always something new to learn, a better way of doing things,
changes in language use, new approaches for new online platforms.

Sarah and Kevin Arrow’s excellent blogging challenge is still going strong and I’ve just joined the updated 2020 version. Once again I will be learning by doing alongside an enthusiastic community of bloggers who all want to hone their blogging skills and use their blogs to help them reach their business goals.

30 Day Blogging in English Challenge

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